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The month of December

‘Tis the season to be merry and we would like to share it with you! All classes are still discounted and many more goodies are coming. December is a time spent with family, coziness and snow. This year according to some will be special as there will be a great shift in consciousness predicted in an ancient Mayan prophecy. We hope

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Journey Through the Chakras

Workshop with Maire-Rose Pike Chakras are wheels of energy that rule over various parts of the physical and subtle body. Join Maire-Rose in this journey through the subtle energy centers of the body: learn the names, qualities, associated glands, organs, and areas of the body, colors, seed mantras and what we do to nurture every Chakra. “The center around which

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Yoga + Massage A Complete Wellness Routine

Designed to be enjoyed in combination with the yoga and pilates classes offered at the Loom Yoga Center, the new massage therapies will help strengthen your practice and foster peace within your soul. Increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, improving circulation, decreasing muscle toxins, enhancing flexibility, and easing tension are among the most immediate benefits received from massage therapy.

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