Racial Justice

Yesterday while attending a protest against racial injustice and law enforcement violence against the black and brown communities, we chanted silence is violence.

After decades of racial discrimination being institutionalized in our law enforcement and other aspects of society it is time for every single one us to speak out to this injustice.

It is time to actively participate in the change that we need to make. We believe that in order to achieve equality and justice we need to start by changing state and federal laws that enable this to happen, the laws that provide immunity and anonymity to those who commit the racial violence.

To achieve real change, speaking out is not enough; we need to fully engage in our political system and vote out our elected enablers, and donate to all the incredible social and racial justice organizations out there who promote awareness about these issues.

The loom as a community will be collecting donations through community donation classes, but that is not enough. We need to individually donate our resources be it time, money, or both to this cause. We compiled a resource list with links to some of the organizations that are working on these issues, a link to find out who your elected officials are, as well as links to articles speaking about the laws that enabled this injustice to go on for this long.


The laws


Racial justice organizations (we are looking for input and suggestions)


Elected officials and ballot info


Feel free to send us an email to with any suggestions to add to the resource list