Some love from the universe

Some love from the universe on this bright and sunny day. As surely as mountains are to be climbed and oceans sailed, your dreams are meant to come true. This is why you’re here friend, to live the life of your dreams. Not to be tested, challenged, and tried, but to conquer, champion, and rule. Keep going, forge ahead, press

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One complete moment

“If you give yourself one complete moment of focused presence, to simply stop; even to listen to your heart beating, it will take you out of your head and introduce you to the moment…which is complete in itself. It is not on the way to another moment. It is not a bridge to another opportunity. It is the timeless perfection…so

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Clear your intentions as well as your bodies

Welcome Spring into your hearts Loomies! Clear your intentions as well as your bodies and create a clear vision of a positive, prosper and happy future for yourselves and all beings out there. In Chinese Medicine the element related to Spring is Wood and its main quality is a calm energy. Wood grows in an organized and orderly manner. In

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